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Our Mission: Pet Connection Magazine illuminates the thriving Pacific Northwest animal-loving community, bringing you fresh, original stories about our local people, pets, community, and the connections we share with each other.

Learn More About Us: For a decade, Pet Connection Magazine has brought fresh, local, original content to animal lovers across the Pacific Northwest! We’re the only FREE publication in the Puget Sound region that focuses on people, pets, community, and the connections we share with each other. Our magazine debuted as a humble 4-page periodical; today, we’ve grown into a popular 24-page magazine – but we still retain those same genuine, honest values. As we’ve grown, we haven’t lost our soul – our roots are here in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve remained down-to-earth even as the breadth of our branches has spanned the Cascades to Central Washington. We’re a small but mighty magazine and we’re committed to remaining original, supporting local businesses, and bringing to life the vibrant stories of the Pacific Northwest animal community.

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Sarah Bous-Leslie
Graphic Designer/Publisher

Sarah has been with Pet Connection Magazine since 2007. She started doing just graphic design, then added photography and became co-publisher in 2009. Sarah lives in Olympia with her husband, three kids, two dogs, two horses and a snake named Jake! She considers herself very lucky to live in such a pet friendly area and in a community that considers their pets to be family! When she’s not working, her passion is HORSES, reading, and formulating her plans to take over the world.

Jack Campion
Canine Pirate Impersonator

Role Models: Captain Jack Sparrow, Edward Fairfax Rochester, Tigger, Rin Tin Tin

Jack is a rescue pup who lost his left eye and left front leg after he was hit by a car. Fortunately for Jack, Seattle Humane was there to help: a grant paid for his veterinary needs and loving foster parents helped him find his forever family. This perfectly imperfect guy who brings laughter and inspiration to Pet Connection Magazine's crew with a wink of his eye and a boing, boing, bounce to his step.

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Sadie Bous-Leslie
Barkist in Residence

Favorite stories: The Incredible Journey, The Velveteen Rabbit, Where the Red Fern Grows, Lassie

Sadie is a discerning canine connoisseur who likes to give her "bark of approval" to new and exciting products! Do you have something that you'd like Sadie to review? Let us know by dropping us an email today - she'd love to bark all about it! You can check out her top picks at Sadie's List!

Tracy and Claire for website

Tracy Campion

Tracy has loved animals and writing for her entire life. She has master's degrees in primate behavior and journalism and after she adopted Jack, she was inspired to combine these two passions by joining Pet Connection in 2015. She shares her life with three senior cats, two senior horses, and her special needs dog, Jack. When she's not herding cats or participating in improvisational canine Parkour with Jack, Tracy loves connecting with the greater Seattle animal-loving community and sharing their stories.


Missie the Silverback

Melissa Cole 

Though she moved frequently as a child, Melissa has always loved animals. She grew up with dogs, cats, snakes, fish, birds, frogs, a lizard, and even a squirrel (briefly). Now, she shares her home with two cats and keeps up on animal issues by getting an early jump on reading Pet Connection Magazine! Her favorite pass-times are embroidery and gardening. Melissa would be happy to discuss working with you on your next project in need of an editor--content and copy editing are her specialties! Contact her at msmlcole@gmail.com.



Solomon(ster) is an "orange tabby" (read: tiny orange house god) whose favorite activities include: chasing strings all over the house, drinking water out of the sink, carrying on in-depth conversations over (human) dinner, and sitting on his human, Melissa. If he doesn't get what he wants, when he wants it, woe to you and your hopes of sleep. While he's not fond of your singing (it doesn't much matter who "you" are), he enjoys singing to himself in the bathroom (it sounds better in there!).

Susan Wyatt
Staff Writer

Susan has been an animal lover since childhood. She grew up in Shelton, Washington with three cats (and fed all the neighborhood “strays” that gravitated to the back yard). She has a BA in communications from Western Washington University, and while a content producer for KING 5 News, became the “go-to” person for all things pets. She currently is cat mum to Vinny (named after Vince Gilligan, creator of “Breaking Bad,” the best TV show of all time). She enjoys growing orchids and playing the bagpipes (Vinny is NOT amused by that).




Annette Lanker 
Customer Service Specialist

Animals have always been a big part of Annette Lanker’s life. She has lived with cats, dogs, gerbils, and even a horse. Annette has worked in various veterinary positions and has volunteered for more than 15 years as a visiting pet partner hospital team, first with her cat, Ulysses, and currently with her dog, Petey, who is a three-legged Whippet. Annette shares her life with Whippets Petey, 9; and Ksee, 15; four cats between the ages of 1 – 17, and Colin Wilson, her husband of 30 years. Petey is the reason Annette decided to share Pet CPR and first aid skills with people through her classes and demonstrations. She loves helping people learn how to perform basic techniques which may save their pet’s life. Learn more about Annnette and her business, Holy Cow Critters, here.


Tripawd Therapy Dog Extraordinaire

Petey is a visiting pet partner hospital team member with his mom, Annette. Petey is the reason Annette decided to share Pet CPR and first aid skills with people through her classes and demonstrations.

Petey is an ambassador for three-legged pups everywhere.

Stephanie Cahill

Stephanie’s nickname with her family is Snow White because she attracts all animals to her and has had a strong love for animals since her childhood. She started her graphic design career in 1998. Her passion is her family, including a Bernese Mountain Dog named Apollo and her two rescue cats, Ben and Chloe.




Jaimee Greenawalt
Graphic Designer 

A huge lover of animals, Jaimee was thrilled at the opportunity to work with and design Pet Connection Magazine. She resides all the way over in Pennsylvania with her husband, two rescued dogs, three rescued cats, and the toad who comes and goes as he pleases (he didn’t want to be referred to as a “rescue”). She feels incredibly blessed to have her own business, working from home with her pups around her desk and a kitty on the keyboard. This work environment also allows for super awesome made up songs to be sung to the animals...they dig that.