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Making Summertime Fun Safe For Everyone

Ahhh…summer in the Pacific Northwest, is there anything better? When our great weather appears, we all head outside. While you’re making plans, don’t forget that including your dog might require a little extra preparation. Keep these tips in mind as you make your summertime plans. Our favorite part of summer is, of course, the sun…

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Discovering the Beauty of Bridle Trails State Park

By Robin Foster Bridle Trails State Park is an equestrian oasis in the heart of Seattle’s populous East Side, bordering the cities of Kirkland, Redmond, and Bellevue. This 482-acre park is one of the largest equestrian recreational areas west of the Mississippi. It’s a perfect destination for enjoying a pleasure ride with friends on 28…

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Coconut Cam Wants to Make Your Dog a GoPro Hero!

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from your dog’s perspective? Ingrid Gordon, founder of Coconut Cam, wondered the same thing – and she thought that using a GoPro camera was the perfect solution. “I got my first GoPro in 2012 and started putting them on the dogs in my life,” Ingrid explained.…

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Saving Samson: Summit Veterinary Referral Service

Samson the Pug plops down happily on the ground, his purple octopus toy firmly gripped in his mouth. Looking at his bright eyes, shining coat, and big smile (once he relinquishes the soggy octopus), it’s hard to believe that this happy-go-lucky dog was close to death only months ago. But thanks to Summit Veterinary Referral,…

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Jackson Galaxy Takes on a Role That’s Out of This World!

Jackson Galaxy’s deep laugh punches through the conversation. The man with the unusual moniker and the talent to help “problem” cats is delighted to be coming to Purrfect Pals’ Second Chances luncheon on June 8 to help support the local cat rescue. Jackson, who’s also known as the “Cat Daddy,” is the host and the…

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Connections: Martha Faulkner

Real estate broker Martha Faulkner puts her heart into her work, and it shows. “I was recently helping a woman find a home for herself and her rescue dog, who came from an abuse background and is very fearful,” she recalled. “This dog is a large, sweet black shepherd mix. After an exhaustive search given…

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