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Compassion and Care: Saying Goodbye to Meg

In the six hours between when I had last checked on my cat, Meg, and when I came home for the evening, she had started to die. I shouldn’t have been startled and surprised, but I was. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye – not like this. Meg was 20 years old; she had a…

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Aquascaping Styles: Fashionable Fish Tanks For Every Home

From Natural Style to Dutch and from Jungle to Paludarium, Tammy Dore of Olympia Pet Works introduces you to the most popular styles in fish tank aquascaping. By Tammy Dore, Olympia Pet Works I have written about aquascaping with plants, stone, and driftwood before. But I know that planning how to aquascape can become a little…

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Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home

Sometimes the right book comes into your life at the right time, and for me, that book was Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home.  Review by Tracy Campion Sometimes the right book comes into your life at the right time, and for me, that book was “Fetch.” Having just accompanied a senior pet…

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Goat Yoga: Connecting and Getting Centered at the Wobbly Ranch!

Meeting a very special three-legged goat changed Amanda Leone’s entire life – and now she’s helping other people connect with these gregarious creatures while they become more centered and healthy, too. Article by Tracy Campion & photos by Sunita Martini After Amanda met Trippy the goat, she was inspired to create a farm called “The…

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Connections: Ann Howie

For three decades, counselor Ann Howie has had a profound impact in the local community. Ann has been successfully integrating animals into her counseling practice since she began in 1987, but it’s not the direction that she had initially planned to take. “As I was finishing my master’s degree, I felt like there was nothing…

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Locally Owned Pet Place Market: Building Relationships

Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, North Bend is home to Twedes Café (of Twin Peaks fame), breathtaking views, and a family-owned pet company that has stayed true to its roots for more than a decade. Pet Place Market is a cherished North Bend establishment with a staff that’s dedicated to helping people…

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