For years, a small black cat in rural Eastern Washington had visited an elderly gentleman who was kind enough to feed her. She was homeless and nameless, but this gentleman provided meals for her on a regular basis; she came to rely on his kindness, and never missed a meal with him. One day, she didn’t show up, and as time passed, her human friend became increasingly concerned. When she finally reappeared, she was almost unrecognizable: she was bloodied and weak and her ears and tail had been cut off.

Courage before she came to Seattle Area Feline Rescue

The older gentleman knew that he needed help, so he contacted Seattle Area Feline Rescue. The little cat arrived at the rescue on June 25.

Courage when she arrived at Seattle Area Feline Rescue

Despite her injuries, the resilient little cat greeted each person with a purr. When Shelley Lawson, Seattle Area Feline Rescue’s Development and Communications Director, first met the little cat, she knew that they had to call her Courage. A veterinary exam revealed the extent of Courage’s injuries: her ears were infected and she was suffering from several other medical issues.

“We heard about Courage from the Good Samaritans who were assisting the gentleman by altering and rehoming the cats in that area,” Shelley explained.

“As soon as we heard about what she’d been through, we knew we had to give her a second chance!”

Courage on the road to recovery at Seattle Area Feline Rescue. Photo: K.A. Moore Photography

Courage lived up to her name from day one. “Before she arrived, we’d expected that she would be traumatized and fearful after all she’d been through, but Courage had other ideas – right from the start, she turned out to be a resilient little kitty with a HUGE purr motor,” Shelley recalled. “Although she clearly wasn’t feeling well, she was eager to explore, grateful for food (LOTS of food!), and happy to have attention and pets.”

As she continued to heal, Courage’s personality started to shine. Photo: K.A. Moore Photograpy

As Courage continued to heal, her personality started to shine. “The more she healed and felt safe, the more she expressed her adorable, quirky personality,” Shelley said. “Courage is a kitty with strong opinions – in foster care, she cried out with her raspy, toothless mew when left alone, played even when she wasn’t feeling well, figured out how to escape from her post-surgery cone, and curled up next to any available human.”

Courage curled up next to any available human. Photo: K.A. Moore Photography.

Seattle Area Feline Rescue chronicled Courage’s story on their social media. A woman named Frances Case was searching for a new family member when she saw Courage online. She knew that this was the girl for her – and Courage felt the exact same way.

Photo: K.A. Moore Photography

In her adoptive home, Courage is affectionate, fearless, and prone to stealing her new kitty siblings’ food. “She’s especially fond of warm blankets and comfy couches,” Shelley said.

Courage in her new home

To see more about her life now, Courage’s mom has taken over her Instagram account and posts lots of wonderful updates:

Thank you to Seattle Area Feline Rescue for helping this very special cat find the loving home that she deserved.

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