On January 25 through 27, Clicker Expo Portland will be taking place at Red Lion Hotel on the River — Jantzen Beach!

By Sassafras Lowrey

January 25-January 27, 2019 Clicker Expo Portland will be taking place at Red Lion Hotel on the River – Jantzen Beach. Registration information is available online here. Clicker Training is at the forefront of positive training for dogs and other animals, from horses to whales!

Clicker training is so effective because it enables us humans to communicate more clearly with the animals we are training. Clickers allow us to tell our dogs specifically what behavior we are “marking” as correct, making it possible for us to communicate more clearly to our dogs. Clicker training is effective regardless of whether we are training basic manners around the house, or preparing to compete in dog sports.

Clicker Expo 2019 in Portland will bring together positive reinforcement trainers and pet guardians from all over the country. The 2019 conference will have over 75 courses and will have offerings for everyone from beginners to advanced trainers. The courses will also incorporate a variety of subject areas from behavior management and science to competitive dog sport training. Clicker Expo will have a variety of specific learning tracks including: Aggression & Behavior Management, Shelter & Rescue work, Clicker Foundations, and more!

I like to think of clicker training as developing a shared language with my dogs. Because the clicker sound is unique, it makes it really easy for dogs to understand exactly what behavior you are rewarding them for, helping them to master new behaviors quickly. Clicker training is effective for teaching new skills as well as for reinforcing and proofing behaviors.

Stay tuned next issue for coverage from Clicker Expo. I’ll be attending for the first time – I haven’t yet decided if I’m going alone or if I’ll be bringing my young Newfoundland, but either way I’m really looking forward to increasing my clicker training knowledge and sharing what I learn!

Sassafras Lowrey is an award-winning author and Certified Trick Dog Instructor. Sassafras lives and writes in Portland with her partner and her three dogs: a senior Chihuahua mix, rescued Shepherd mix, Newfoundland puppy, two bossy cats, and a semi-feral kitten. Sassafras’ forthcoming book “TRICKS IN THE CITY: For Daring Doggos and the Humans That Love Them” will release from Mango Publishing in 2019. Learn more at www.SassafrasLowrey.com.