Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from your dog’s perspective? Ingrid Gordon, founder of Coconut Cam, wondered the same thing – and she thought that using a GoPro camera was the perfect solution.

“I got my first GoPro in 2012 and started putting them on the dogs in my life,” Ingrid explained. “The behind-the-ears or under-the-chin angle provides an amazing, unique point of view video of your dog in action. Your dogs swims, runs fetches, jumps, digs plays with other dogs all while wearing the GoPro. It’s a true ‘dog’s eye view’ of the world!”

Make your dog a GoPro Hero!

To get this unique dog’s-eye view, Ingrid attaches the camera to the back of the harness, behind the ears, or beneath the dog’s chin. The camera can also be placed on the dog’s back for a tail view.

Coconut Cam has recorded dogs of all sizes, from six-pound Chihuahuas to 235-pound English mastiffs. Ingrid has seven GoPros and different sized harnesses to fit dogs of every size. Imagine your pet in a one-of-a-kind Coconut Cam video!

“GoPro takes incredible action photos and I know the secret to capturing that,” Ingrid said. Ingrid does all of the video editing and then accompanies the footage to the song of your choice. Pet parents have gotten Coconut Cam footage of their pets across their lifespans.

“Puppy videos are priceless,” Ingrid said. “Rainbow bridge videos are emotionally difficult to make, but a heartfelt reminder of your beloved pet. Having lost two dogs, including Coconut, recently, I know this first hand. Coconut was my corgi, who I lost to cancer, and all videos are named in his honor.”

Ingrid has produced over 700 videos, including one of Pet Connection Magazine pup Jack (check out Jack‘s video here!) and Pawsitive Alliance #WhyNotMePets star Leroy, who was recently adopted into his first home ever!

“I volunteer to make videos for rescue organizations for dogs having trouble finding their forever home,” she said.

Would you like to make your dog a GoPro hero?

Contact Ingrid today at ingogordon87@yahoo.com.