Brokers Steven Lynn and Lori Sciacero wanted to help give back to homeless animals in the Pacific Northwest, so they created Brokers Supporting Pet Rescue to help give animals a future while their clients built their own. 

Animal lovers Steven Lynn and Lori Sciacero had a thriving real estate business and they knew that they wanted to help give back to homeless animals throughout the Pacific Northwest. In 2017, they created Brokers Supporting Pet Rescue (BSPR) to help support local animals with every home purchase or sale. Pets have been an important part of Steven and Lori’s lives since childhood, and they both wanted to maximize their support of animal rescue through their real estate work.

Through its partnerships with Seattle Humane and Oregon Humane Society, BSPR makes a donation equal to 10% of the net commission on every home sale or purchase. “The amount that we donate on behalf of the client ranges from $1,000 to $3,000, depending upon the price of the home,” explained Steven.

Enzo and Steven

Steven currently has a three-year-old chocolate terrier named Enzo. “I really enjoy the spunk and ‘never give up’ attitude in terriers. Although they can be a handful, it’s an enjoyable handful that keeps me on my toes,” he said.

“Enzo entered my life when he was nine weeks old and I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s super inquisitive, vocal (in a good way) and loves to play games with his favorite toy….a tennis ball. My cats, brothers, Frick and Frack, were left at a feed store I frequent at approximately eight weeks old. I knew that two young rambunctious cats living on 11 acres would thrive and have lots fun hunting and exploring. I decided to take them both home with me to keep them together. Frick is reserved and likes to spend his time outdoors playing in a fenced front acre of the property. Frack is outgoing and friendly, mostly preferring to catch some sun on the deck.”

Steven grew up with dogs and cats. “My first dog, Kayla, was a Rottweiler/Retriever mix,” he said. “She was the runt of the litter and I have the greatest memories of her and I riding in the car and chasing balls in the yard. I had her for 16 years and out of all my pets, she was the only girl, feminine and super loving. Angus, who was an American Bulldog, came to me at six weeks old and was with me for 11 years. Angus had a ton of character and was very silly and funny. He was a vocal dog and we were able to communicate extremely well. Angus loved tug of war and really enjoyed when I hid treats so he could find them!”

Lori and her boyfriend, Adam, adopted a kitten from Seattle Humane in August 2017. “She was the only all-black kitten at the time I went to the shelter and she immediately caught my attention with her feistiness,” Lori recalled.

Black cats and dogs are often the last animals to be adopted from shelters, but Lori instantly knew that Lily was the kitten for them.

“She’s the love of our lives and we couldn’t be happier that we selected Lily to be part of our family! You never know when you adopt a kitten what their personality will be like, but we took a chance and she’s exactly what we were looking for in a pet. She’s curious, outgoing, loves to cuddle, and isn’t skittish in the least bit. When the doorbell rings, she runs to the door to see who’s visiting her and will pet her and possibly give her treats!”

Besides Lily, Lori has adopted two cats. “We took Moses in when he was three years old. A co-worker was moving to Denver and did not want to take Moses with him,” she said. “Putter was six months old and was part of a large litter. He didn’t get selected when the owners advertised the kittens for sale. We found out later that it was because he was the runt of the litter. Moses and Putter were with us for seven and 10 years before they both needed to be put down due to inoperable illnesses.”

Our animals are part of our families and for Lori it was hard to adopt again after losing her last senior cat. “I had a seven-year gap from when Putter was put down until we adopted Lily,” she said. “I think I went into a protective mode and didn’t want to get hurt again. It was so overwhelmingly sad when I lost both Moses and Putter in one year. I can say now after having Lily for four months, that I wish I hadn’t waited so long. She has brought so much love and entertainment to our home, and for the first time in a long time, I can’t wait to get home so I can pick her up and give her kisses and tell her how much I love her.”

Steven and Lori love working in the Pacific Northwest and helping animal lovers find the perfect home for all members of the family while helping homeless pets find families of their own.

“What’s unique about working here is the wealth of animals and animal loving people,” said Lori. “This is the most pet-friendly region in the country, so it only made sense for us to combine our love of animals with our real estate business. From a real estate standpoint, this is a thriving market with many opportunities to buy or sell. We are well equipped with our amazing group of network agents to handle very unique buying and selling in this region. You need experts to represent you and our network agents are the best in the business!”

Steven and Lori created BSPR to provide support for homeless animals in Washington and Oregon. “We bring our passion for animal advocacy and our passion for finding our clients the perfect place to call home together,” Steven said. “By partnering with Oregon and Seattle Humane, we are able to make a difference by generating significant donations to organizations that are solely dedicated to saving and serving pets in need.”

“We knew that we wanted to focus on working with one organization in each state, to maximize our impact,” said Lori. “We chose to partner with Seattle Humane in Washington and Oregon Humane in Oregon because they’re considered to be ‘umbrella’ organizations in pet rescue – they collaborate with other organizations and groups, both state and nationwide, so supporting Seattle Humane and Oregon Humane supports a wide range of organizations, programs and, most importantly, animals and people who love them.

Steven and Lori’s clients love that they’re supporting homeless animals – and helping them have loving futures while they build their own. “I needed to purchase a home and wanted an experienced and knowledgeable broker to handle my transaction,” said client Diana D., who shares her life with her dog, Halo. “I would highly recommend using a BSPR Windermere broker for the purchase or sale of your home. Their generosity to a great cause is unprecedented and Halo and I would like to convey a big thank you for everything you do.”

“The feedback for the BSPR program has been fantastic within the animal community, at Seattle Humane and Oregon Humane, and with our network agents,” said Steven. “And we’re reaching out to like-minded businesses in 2018 to help us spread the word about what we do.”

BSPR looks forward to attending events throughout Puget Sound in 2018 and helping even more animal lovers find the perfect home for all members of the family.

If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell a home in 2018, contact BSPR today!