Real estate broker Martha Faulkner puts her heart into her work, and it shows.

“I was recently helping a woman find a home for herself and her rescue dog, who came from an abuse background and is very fearful,” she recalled. “This dog is a large, sweet black shepherd mix. After an exhaustive search given the current market, we finally found the perfect home – a rambler with a large fenced back yard. We had our fingers crossed as we put in our offer, but discovered there was already another offer on the property. That offer had better terms and a better price. My client couldn’t match that offer, so I encouraged her to write a letter to the seller from her heart, explaining how she loved the house, the neighborhood and the neighbors, and how it was the perfect place for her and her dog to live. We were thrilled to find out that the seller accepted our offer over the higher offer with no contingencies. The seller and buyer both realized they were animal lovers and that is why the seller chose her offer. This was truly a match made in heaven.”

Martha believes that everyone needs a home. Photo by Julie Austin Photography.

Martha loves recounting stories about helping people and their pets find the perfect home. She has devoted her life to helping others, including animals.

My life’s work has always been about healing, finding, and reuniting folks,” she explained. “My personal history of being adopted and my own search led me to attain a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Science to facilitate reuniting families separated by adoption.”

She has walked the dogs at Homeward Pet for over more than ten years. Every Sunday, these dogs can count on her being there for them. “One of the most rewarding experiences has been comforting the scared or timid dogs,” she explained. “One large, ten-year-old Pit Bull mix was very scared, but I was able to coax him out for a walk. I was glad I got to walk him and spend some time with him. After a long walk and time together in the playroom, his true personality came out and he began to play and romp around like a pup.”

After learning to relax and open up, this once-frightened pup was adopted that very week. “I was thrilled,” Martha said. “Each of the organizations that I support has its own unique abilities in supporting these wonderful beings.”

Already inspired by a passion to help others, her love of animals was the catalyst behind forming her real estate business. “After obtaining my Real Estate Broker’s license, I formed through RSVP Real Estate,” she said. “My belief that everyone needs a home helped form the basis of my mission to help people with their real estate needs, while at the same time supporting the local animal welfare community. Integral to my business plan, I donate 10% of my real estate commissions to animal welfare organizations that clients choose. I have served as a board member and Board Chair for Homeward Pet Adoption Center and continue to volunteer walking the shelter dogs there on a weekly basis. I am also currently on the board of directors of Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.”

Martha has been fortunate enough to be able to donate over $75,000 during more than eight years in real estate. “I’m compelled to give to animal welfare organizations because I believe we as humans have a responsibility to take care of and support all animals on this planet,” she explained. “My tag line, ‘Everyone Needs a Home,’ is a value I live by. I’d encourage others to include philanthropic acts in their own business plans because giving back to the community is important, and it is personally rewarding.”

All of Martha’s own animals have come from Homeward Pet.

All of Martha’s pets have been adopted from Homeward Pet. Photo by Julie Austin Photography.

“We adopted Rocky, a senior Anatolian Shepherd who lived for only two wonderful years before we lost him,” she recalled. “Then we adopted Rusty, another senior, who had been returned three times to the shelter because of severe attachment issues. We’d met our match in Rusty. He refused to walk with anyone but me, making it difficult on other family members who loved him, too. We were fortunate to have Rusty for almost four years. Then one Sunday after my dog shift, I was called into the cat room by a persistent meow. It was Sammy who insisted on being adopted that day so we brought her home and we still have her. We then adopted Libby, a sweet 18-month-old Pit Bull mix, but she was lonely and needed a friend. After several failed ‘meet and greets,’ we found the perfect brother for Libby. We adopted JoJo, a beautiful nine-year-old Golden Retriever. They have been fast friends ever since. And by the way, Sammy the kitty rules the roost. We learned so much about love, compassion, and living in the moment from our four legged family members, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.”

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, or know someone who is, please think of Martha Faulkner. “The more business I have, the more animals I can help,” she said. “I love what I do and would be happy to help anyone who has real estate needs or questions.”

Martha proudly supports numerous local organizations, including Homeward Pet Adoption Center, Greyhound Pets, Inc., Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, Old Dog Haven, Pawsitive Alliance, and Joplin’s Sanctuary and Animal Rescue.

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