For entrepreneur and animal lover Debbie Jennings, her business truly is a work of heart – and she honors her history as part of a military family by giving back to those who have served.

“My husband served as a USMC pilot in Vietnam, and my son as a Marine officer in Afghanistan,” Jennings explained. “I was so thankful when our son returned safely, and then I heard of another Marine family that wasn’t so fortunate.”

The loss of their son was devastating, but the grieving Marine’s family received permission to bring their son’s last best friend to their home in Texas. “Eli was a bomb-sniffing dog that their son had trained,” Jennings said, “and while their son wasn’t returning, Eli was coming home to stay.”


Eli’s bittersweet homecoming resonated with Jennings, so she sent the family a USMC mat for Eli. “The Marine’s mom sent me a photo as a thank you for the mats,” Jennings recalled. “You can see their son’s boots and medals in the background. She said that given a choice of mats, Eli went right over and lay down on the Marine mat. Once a Marine, always a Marine. After I saw that, it became my mission to give all veterans with service dogs a military mat as a thank you for your service,” she said.

Designer Duds for Dogs is proud to create the highest quality designer dog accessories and gifts here in the United States. Jennings is equally proud to support organizations like Brigadoon Service Dogs, which helps veterans return to civilian life.

Brigadoon Service Dogs, located in Bellingham, is a non-profit organization that provides trained service dogs to veterans at no cost. “The cost to train one service dog is $40,000,” Jennings said, “and Brigadoon has placed 20 service dogs with veterans, but there are twelve veterans who are still waiting for a service dog of their own.”

Brigadoon’s Veterans Helping Veterans program uses incarcerated veterans to train service dogs for other veterans. It’s an emotionally rewarding experience for both veterans. “I am partnering with Brigadoon to provide military dog mats to the dogs already placed with a veteran, and future dogs graduating the program, as well,” Jennings said.

One mat costs $40 to manufacture locally. If you would like to help fund dog mats for veterans, please visit the Crowdwise link here.

To learn more about Brigadoon Service Dogs, please visit their website. Donations can be made under “How you can help.”

Designer Duds For Dogs is an Amazon seller and their mats are sold exclusively on Purchase your own Designer Duds clothing and accessories today – when you do, you’re helping them continue to support our veterans, two-legged and four-legged alike.

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