Seattle Humane is a nonprofit animal welfare organization striving to provide the best care and services to both the animals and the people of our region. We offer pet adoptions, spay/neuter services to low-income pet owners, a pet food bank, and humane education for children of all ages. Seattle Humane believes that animal companionship should be accessible for all members of our community. Our outreach programs provide free pet food to low-income seniors, and basic veterinary care to pets of community members disabled by HIV/AIDS.

Nearly 7,000 animals came through our doors last year in various stages of life and health. Some were only week-old kittens too young to even open their eyes. Others were older dogs who lived with one family their entire lives and became homeless through no fault of their own. Many were abandoned and others were rescued from shelters that didn’t have the resources to care for them. All of these pets had one thing in common – they needed our help.

Walk2015_ShareableImage_CatWhat sets Seattle Humane apart is that we are an open-door shelter with no time limits. That means we accept every animal in need of our help – regardless of age, breed or physical condition. We provide them with the care they deserve for as long as it takes us to find them a loving home.

Pets like Bailey, who came to us at just under a year old and suffering from a disorder that occurs when the cerebellum doesn’t form properly in the womb. As a result of her condition, Bailey has wobbly and uncoordinated movements that make it difficult for her to walk.

She was severely underweight and had spent the majority of puppyhood in a kennel. Bailey’s muscles had atrophied, so our veterinary team prescribed daily therapy to regain her strength. An experienced foster parent worked with Bailey, helping her to put on weight, grow and strengthen her muscles, and essentially teach her how to walk for the first time.

After four months of one-on-one care, Bailey’s health was transformed. She gained nearly 20 pounds and her confidence (and her muscles!) became stronger with each passing day. While she will never lose her wobble, Bailey learned not only how to walk, but to run, play, and even take stairs just like any other young pup!

A very special adopter learned of Bailey’s story and fell in love. He took her home and wrote to Seattle Humane to say, “Bailey and I are doing great! She is one happy dog and she is learning to live in the city pretty well with daily walks and playtime with other dogs.”

Bailey’s story reminds us of the compassionate animal lovers in our community and the equally incredible pets for each and every one of them!


We’re a donor-funded organization whose life-saving work and community programs would not be possible without the support of animal lovers like you. By registering to Walk for the Animals, you can raise critical funds for pets like Bailey. It’s easy, fun, and you’ll earn great prizes for every milestone you reach. We’ll help you along the way – just sign up here, fundraise, and then leash up your dog to celebrate with us at Walk for the Animals!

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