What resolutions would your dog make for you if he or she could? 

  1. Continue to learn new things – and teach me new things, too, by introducing enriching new foods, toys, and activities into my life! I don’t know who it was that said an old dog can’t learn new tricks, but it’s just not true. We continue to learn throughout our lifetimes, just like you do! Learning is enriching, and enrichment, whether it’s a new toy, a new game, walking on a new trail, or trying out a new treat, is a fun way to improve anyone’s life!

Continue to learn new things — like how to give me a massage!

  1. Help me keep on top of my health by scheduling routine veterinary appointments. My vet can help me keep me maintain a healthy weight in the New Year and beyond, and help find potential health issues, like thyroid irregularities, kidney or liver disease, diabetes, and cancer, early on. And while you’re making my vet appointments, make sure you see your doctor, too. I want to make sure that you stay healthy!

A WSU Veterinary student is helping this dog stay on top of his health

  1. Stop and smell the roses. Now I know that your sense of smell isn’t as acute as mine, so it might be better to tell you to stop and “see” the roses… Or better yet, stop and see me for five extra minutes and just be present. A few minutes of re-centering and recharging can make a world of difference for you and for me, too.

Just be present with me. (Photo by Julie Austin Photography)

  1. Remember just how much I love you. I love you for who you are, not who you want to be or who you’re trying to become. If you could understand “dog” as well as I can understand human, you’d know that I understand that you might not be able to take me on as many walks as I’d like, and that you don’t always have time to play my favorite game, just as much as I hope you understand that I might sometimes have an accident in the house, not be able to resist eating something I shouldn’t, or get on the bed or couch when I’m not supposed to. I love you just the way you are…
  1. And that’s why I want you to love yourself as much as I love you. I see how hard you work and want you to know just how much I appreciate all that you do. Don’t be hard on yourself. You know how excited I get when you get out my leash, take me for a car ride, get me a treat, or come home from work? I want you to experience the same joy in your life. Take the time to treat yourself, too. (And if treating yourself includes more time with me, even better!)