275 million: That’s how many meals GreaterGood.org has donated to animals in need, and they’re just getting started.

With 62+ million social media followers and more than $50 million raised to help charitable causes, GreaterGood.org is a force for positive change. GreaterGood.org has 16 programs to protect people, pets, and the environment – and often, the biggest impact begins with the smallest members of our society.

The Billion Bee Challenge

“When Hurricane Michael hit the Florida panhandle, not only were homes wiped out, but so were wide swaths of plants that provide forage and food for honeybees,” explained Noah Horton, Director of Foundation Relations at GreaterGood.org.

GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank. Photo Courtesy of GreaterGood.org.

At the time of the hurricane, a large percentage of the nation’s bees were in Florida, so this was potentially catastrophic. Commercial honeybees are carted around the nation to pollinate plants at specific times.

“Through our Rescue Bank program, we were able to deliver seven tanker trucks full of sugar syrup to feed approximately one billion bees, and enough bee pollen substitute to feed the queen bees,” Noah said.

It’s something the organization is very proud of – and for good reason. As pollinators, bees are essential to our ecosystem; a loss of one billion bees would have severe effects on many crops essential to key economies.

“We were uniquely positioned to deliver the product and we partnered with The Animal Rescue Site,” Noah said. “We asked our audience to please help provide these vital foods, and through donations, the tankers of sugar syrup and more than 50,000 pounds of bee pollen substitute were delivered, tiding the colonies over and giving their normal forage time to regenerate.”

GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank. Photo Courtesy of GreaterGood.org.

“That was the perfect intersection of our mission to help protect people, pets, and the planet. We helped people whose jobs relied upon commercial honey, and we helped the bees survive while the environment recovered.”

Pets, People, and the Planet

GreaterGood.org’s 16 varied programs include:


  • Rescue Bank
    • Supplies for Shelters
  • Rescue Rebuild
  • Safe Haven
  • The Jackson Galaxy Project
    • Cat Pawsitive
    • The Barry Fund
    • Operation Homeward Bound
  • One Picture Saves a Life
  • Animal Medical Cases


  • Girls’ Voices
    • Girls’ Scholarships
  • Bundle of Books (book donation program)


  • Project Peril
  • Project Wildcat
  • Madrean Discovery Expeditions

The GreaterGood.org community can mobilize to help creates big changes in a relatively small amount of time – which is particularly important during natural disasters.

“A big focus after the past two years with the intense natural disasters has been with disaster preparedness work,” said Noah. “We have several members on staff who are FEMA-certified and work closely with government agencies and others in times of disaster and to help on the ground with recovery. In 2017, we had Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma; that was an intense experience that affected many people and pets. When 2018 came around, we talked to our response partners and made disaster preparedness kits. We like having some supplies on hand, so they’ll be a little ahead of the curve.”

When the wildfires hit in 2018, particularly the Camp Fire, GreaterGood.org had supplies left from previous wildfires like the Carr Fire. “We could respond immediately; that’s going to be a big focus for this year,” Noah said.

“During the wildfires, the head of one of the veterinary medical groups we were funding said, ‘This is the worst fire I’ve seen, but with help from organizations like yours, we can get through this.’…“Hearing from the ground that there’s at least a sliver of hope from the GreaterGood.org community really touched me. It’s hard to imagine being in a situation like that, much less marching forward; that’s pretty inspirational.”

Grant Miller is the State Coordinator for the California Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps, which was supported by GreaterGood.org during the 2017 and 2018 California wildfires.

“I have had the honor of serving the California community during several very difficult disasters,” Grant said. “It brings me no comfort to say I have never experienced a disaster of this magnitude. I’m very proud of our volunteers for rising to the occasion to see that needs are addressed. The support that your donors and organization provide are absolutely vital to our response effort, and with it we will persevere.”

You can also help GreaterGood.org persevere. “Making a donation is the easiest way to help,” Noah said. “That allows us to have funding where it’s most needed when disaster strikes.”

“In times of disaster, we can quickly mobilize and help people and pets.”

GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Rebuild program renovates animal shelters; as of this writing, Rescue Rebuild has completed 131 renovations across the U.S., Mexico, and Thailand. “We renovate shelters in need to help make them more family-friendly,” Noah explained. “In these shelters, we’ve seen up to a 400% increase in adoption rates.” Rescue Rebuild is currently in Puerto Rico helping rebuild a shelter 18 months after Hurricane Maria.

GreaterGood.org’s Safe Haven program renovates domestic violence, homeless, and veteran’s shelters to ensure that people can keep their beloved pets. The program has completed seven builds so far, with five additional builds planned for this year.

“With domestic violence shelters, over 50% of women won’t leave and seek help if they can’t bring their pets along,” Noah said. “Very few of them allow pets. Women either have to find boarding or leave their animals behind. A large percentage of these pets are injured or killed by the abuser.

“A similar thing applies to homeless community and homeless veteran community,” Noah said. “They’ll have a comfort or companion animal and they can’t bring them along. We believe veterans shouldn’t have to choose between sleeping on the street or leaving their animal behind. We want to bring the whole family along.”

GreaterGood.org funds organizations both as a granting organization and with its own programs.

“We’ve funded more than 5,000 programs worldwide,” Noah said. “We have a suite of 16 signature programs, and GreaterGood.com is our flagship partnership. It was founded because of all of the good that GreaterGood.com is doing.”

“GreaterGood.com is the largest business unit of CharityUSA, a registered fundraiser for GreaterGood.org,” explained Ashley Andersen Zantop, GreaterGood.com’s Chief Marketing Officer. “GreaterGood.org and GreaterGood.com work collaboratively to generate and provide funding and resources that make a positive impact. GreaterGood.com is a cause commerce, media and social publisher that connects people with the causes they care about most. GreaterGood.com allows millions of audience members and customers to share their voices, engage with the news, information and stories right for them and shop their values to make simple, easy micro-donations benefitting people, pets, and the planet.

“When our audience visits our sites to click on our ‘click-to-give’ page, make a direct donation, or purchase products in our stores, they raise donations we provide to GreaterGood.org to fund projects and programs like feeding hungry people, providing health care, and animal rescue,” Ashley explained. “Our customers can also give directly by purchasing Gifts That Give More™ for specific causes and programs they care deeply about. These include everything from disaster relief, land preservation, donating mammograms for breast cancer screening to providing housing for homeless veterans and their pets.”

GreaterGood.org’s events provide a way to help people, pets, and the planet, as well.

“Our National High Five Day contest launches on Thursday, April 18th,” Noah said. “Last year, GreaterGood.org merged with the Jackson Galaxy Foundation, and we run the Cat Pawsitive program.”

Practice for National High Five Day. Photo Courtesy of GreaterGood.org.

A behavioral training program for cats, Cat Pawsitive significantly improves shelter staff morale, feline welfare, and adoption rates. “Many people don’t realize that cats can be trained,” Noah said. “Use a clicker, and you can teach a cat to high five. We’re teaching shelters across the country these techniques.” Learn more at Greatergood.org/high-five-day.

On High Five Day, GreaterGood.org will have an online contest. “We’ll ask users to submit videos of themselves teaching their cats to high five,” Noah said. “We’ll have shelter grants and prizes to consumer participants. The winner will be flown to Jackson Galaxy’s cat camp. It’s a positive experience with Jackson and industry leaders who are working with cats. It’s all about raising awareness and elevating the status of cats as pets,” Noah said.

“Over the past several years, I’m thrilled and overwhelmed with the support and care of the GreaterGood.org community. We focus on the concept that when you have a lot of people doing small actions or clicking a button every day at The Animal Rescue Site (https://theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com/clicktogive/ars/home), that cumulative effort helps us, providing overwhelming support for these key programs.”

That support has been sustained throughout the year – and it’s an inspiration to supporters and employees alike. “Together, we’re able to make a difference for people, pets, and the planet,” Noah said.

GreaterGood.org is also reinstating a previously retired program: One Picture Saves a Life.

“We partner with Seth Casteel, who did the underwater dogs photos,” Noah explained. “Many shelters take intake photos, but when a potential adopter sees a grainy photo of a scared animal, they don’t want to adopt them. High-quality adoption pictures bring more people into the shelters and help them get adopted. Starting in 2013 with The Animal Rescue Site, we did a road show and trainings with volunteers and shelter staff at 17 shelters. One LA County shelter found an adoption rate increase of 97%,” Noah said.

GreaterGood.org will be providing grants for this program. They’re also looking forward to Feed a Rescue Pet Week, which runs from July 21-27.

“We started National Feed a Rescue Pet Week two years ago to raise awareness that food is a non-negotiable cost,” Noah said. “You have to feed pets in your care. When you can provide that care, it frees up an organization’s budget for other care. Each year, we set a goal to provide meals; last year’s goal was 6 million, and this year’s goal is 8 million. We’re asking for community involvement and will have food drops around the country.”

That community involvement continues to make a world of difference – and GreaterGood.org and GreaterGood.com are dedicated to making this a better planet for everyone.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to work with such a talented group of people who choose to dedicate their careers to raising awareness and funding for causes that matter,” Ashley said. “When you speak with people in our organization, you hear about their own animal rescue stories, their own survivor stories, their personal efforts to volunteer, contribute, and give back outside of work, in addition to at work every day—so you know the work we do is personal to each of us.”

Please join us in thanking GreaterGood.org and GreaterGood.com for all that they do. They truly are heroes.

To learn more, visit GreaterGood.org.