Meeting a very special three-legged goat changed Amanda Leone’s entire life – and now she’s helping other people connect with these gregarious creatures while they become more centered and healthy, too.

Article by Tracy Campion & photos by Sunita Martini

After Amanda met Trippy the goat, she was inspired to create a farm called “The Wobbly Ranch.” But not only did Amanda and her husband create a farm, they host Yoga there and invite others to enjoy their urban oasis.

Photo by Sunita Martini

“At the time that I met Trippy, my husband and I were living in an apartment in Bothell and I came home after visiting a local sanctuary,” Amanda recalled. “I declared that I wanted to buy a farm and adopt Trippy. My husband thought I was crazy, but eventually agreed. We bought this place for Trippy and named it The Wobbly Ranch because Trippy was a little wobbly. He was our inspiration to open our home to other kids that are just a little wobbly.”

According to Amanda, the Wobbly Ranch is the ideal location for goat yoga. “Yoga and goats are a perfect match! Yoga is meditation of connecting breath with movement. When we do this, it allows us to be in the present moment. It makes us feel good. However, when there are goats around, it’s instant bliss. You don’t have to concentrate on clearing your mind because all you can think about are the perfect little goats.

“We know that being around animals and being in nature is therapeutic. Study after study has shown the benefits of connecting with animals. We also know that yoga is good for our body and mental state. Really, why wouldn’t you pair the two?”

Photo by Sunita Martini

The residents of Wobbly Ranch make goat yoga there all the more special. “We are all a little wobbly,” Amanda said. “No one is perfect and at The Wobbly Ranch we celebrate what makes us wobbly. Trippy didn’t care that he had three legs and he never let it hold him back. It’s part of what made him perfect. All of the goats here are a little wobbly. If their circumstances were just a tiny bit different, none of them would be alive. When you come practice yoga here, there’s a good chance that a baby goat is going to push you out of a pose or that Olaf is going laugh at you. You might get pooped on. If we are out in the pasture, you may not be able to find balance on the uneven ground. And this is all okay, because it’s a reminder to not take ourselves so seriously.”

Photo by Sunita Martini

Anyone who has ever spent time with a goat knows just how gregarious and hilarious they can be. “They all have unique personalities,” Amanda said. “I’ve done yoga in the pasture with the goats frequently. I know how incredibly good you feel after spending time with them.”

Photo by Sunita Martini

The response to Wobbly Ranch’s Goat Yoga has been tremendous. “I’ve received so many emails from people thanking us for the experience,” Amanda said. “Everyone who leaves here has a smile on their face and joy in their heart. All of the classes are little different, because the goats run the show for the most part. However, every session begins with an hour of yoga. We have four certified instructors that will guide you through your practice. Then the second hour is dedicated to getting to know the kids. I introduce all of the goats and tell all of their stories. Participants are welcome to hang out and love the kids.”

Wobbly Ranch hosts corporate events in addition to private sessions. “We have taken the babies to Vulcan, which was SO much fun!” she recalled. “They have a beautiful office in downtown with these amazing views. Seamus, one of our babies, had a lot to say that morning which echoed through the whole building. People were popping out of their offices to see what was going on in the lobby.

“We had a non-profit out called She Jumps, which couples ladies with outside adventures. We did yoga and they set up a crochet game in the pasture with prizes. We also recently had UW Bothell out for a work party/yoga event. They helped us with a number of projects around the farm and got to enjoy a little yoga after!”

Photo by Sunita Martini

In November, Wobbly Ranch is hosting Autumn Goat Yoga every Saturday and Sunday. “We’ll decorate the barn and have a hot beverage, like tea or cocoa,” Amanda said. “In December, every Saturday and Sunday we will have Holiday Goat Yoga. What better way to end the year than with goats and yoga with a holiday theme?”

Amanda added: “My favorite part of goat yoga is meeting all of these incredible people. I have had so many people come up to me and say that they had no idea that goats were so funny, kind, loving etc. It’s been a wonderful experience introducing people to these amazing animals!”

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Photo by Sunita Martini

The Wobbly Ranch is located in Snohomish, Washington. To learn more, visit their website here and check them out on Facebook here!