On Friday, July 22nd, downtown Bothell suffered a devastating fire. That very same day, also in Bothell, this young unneutered male cat was hit by a car. Because his owner has not been found, because he has a badly fractured pelvis and other injuries, because he needs us, MEOW Cat Rescue has accepted responsibility for his care.

Now called Michael, this cat is at Animal Emergency & Specialty in Kirkland, where he will have surgery by an orthopedic specialist. Please send good thoughts, happy vibes and prayers. MEOW Cat Rescue is accepting donations to help offset his pending veterinary expenses.

As of July 25, Michael is resting comfortably at the hospital. They are still evaluating his injuries and at this point he is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. We appreciate all of the support, good vibes, prayers, and happy thoughts that are coming his way.

Helping MEOW Help Michael

If you would like to donate, you can:

  • Use paypal to donate online.
  • Send a check to MEOW at PO Box 58 Kirkland, WA 98083-0058.
  • Come by the shelter during business hours and make a donation in person.

All donations are completely tax deductible. Please indicate that your donation is for Michael’s expenses.
Thank you all!

(as of 10 am on 7/26/16, generous donors have raised $1,855!)