Juno the kitten put her nose into the air, her whiskers vibrating as a gust of wind approached her. A second, and then a third gust ruffled her gray striped coat. Jack, a medium-sized black Labrador retriever mix, inched toward her, his tail waving in excitement and sending waves of air toward the little kitten. This was Juno’s first encounter with a dog, and she wasn’t so sure about it.

Klaus watched on with interest as his human sisters, Faye, recently turned 4, and Fern, 2, played nearby. As Juno retreated from Jack, Klaus jumped down from the couch, approached Juno, and began to wash her face. Juno smiled. With her absent eyes, striped coat, and joyful smile, it was hard not to see a resemblance to Oskar the Blind Cat.

Juno was recently adopted by Mick and Bethany Szydlowski, of Oskar the Blind Cat and Klaus fame. After Oskar passed away in 2018, the Szydlowskis knew that they wanted to adopt another companion for Klaus.

“We learned about Juno while we were doing an event at PAWS in Lynwood in June,” Mick explained. “She had just arrived from Merced, California, and was in their care (she was only 4 weeks old then). She was found abandoned with eye trauma and PAWS removed the eyes because they were destroyed.”

While the Szydlowskis weren’t necessarily looking for another blind tabby, they did want a younger shelter cat so Klaus wouldn’t be too stressed by a full-grown challenger. “He’s the king of the house, after all,” Mick said with a laugh, “and a kitten lets him set the rules.”

When the Szydlowskis were trying to name their new addition, they took many factors into account. “We were told about her in June and she’s kind of like Oskar Junior,” Mick said.

“Oskar was named after a musical instrument company, and I used to have a wonderful Roland Juno synthesizer. Juno is also the Roman goddess that watches over women,” Mick said. He added: “She can help with Faye and Fern!” He smiled as he watched the girls play quietly near Juno, who turned her head toward them interestedly.

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