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Q13 Fox / Joe TV

Pet Connection Magazine is proud to be partnering with Q13 Fox and Joe TV to highlight the Limelight Pet Project, which helps harder to adopt homeless pets find loving homes. Tune in to JoeTV each weekend morning from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. to see which special adoptable animal we're featuring that week!

National Animal News

Penny Eims is a Washington State-based writer whose popular column covers dog rescues, adoptable dogs, and breaking news. Her stories have helped save thousands of lives, solve animal cruelty cases, and provided valuable information for animal lovers worldwide. The National Dog News is read by tens of millions of animal lovers worldwide. Follow Penny on her Facebook page here.

Pet Talk Media

Jessica Rhae Williams' unique experience with digital communications in the pet industry, and work in the environmental and outdoor industries, positions her as the perfect consultant to work with a pet-centric brand, or an outdoor brand that wants to expand into the pet-owner marketplace, to help them build a strong online community of pet owners. Learn more about Jessica's work here!

The Klaus Cat

Oskar the Blind Cat and his best friend, Klaus, took social media by storm. Fortunately for animals worldwide, this dynamic duo used their powers for good. Oskar (via his books for children) received the Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award, which honors those working in the field of blindness that have demonstrated exemplary leadership and accomplishments toward achieving the full integration of the blind into society on a basis of equality. Follow Klaus on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram!

Seattle DogSpot

Seattle DogSpot is your go-to, one-stop website for all things dog in the Seattle area, offering the most comprehensive list of resources and a dynamic online community for dog lovers. DogSpot's award-winning DogBlog provides insightful commentary on dog-related issues and has donated thousands of dollars to dog rescue groups and shelters since it was founded in 2012. Visit Seattle DogSpot here

National Cat Reporter

Elisa Black-Taylor's popular column covers amazing cat rescues and other "happy endings," along with animal cruelty cases and feral cat caregiving. Her stories have helped save thousands of lives, promote cat welfare, and provided valuable information for animal lovers worldwide. The National Cat Reporter is a valuable source of information for cat lovers worldwide. Follow Elisa on FacebookTo access all of Elisa's articles, click here.


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