The New Year is a time for resolutions, reawakening, and renewal. It’s a time to spend with friends and family (whether they’re two, four, or three-legged), to have a “clean slate,” and to tackle goals and projects anew.

Main image by Sunita Martini.

Whether you’re focusing on health or wealth, organization or education, family time or travel time, many animal lovers resolve to make truly meaningful changes in their lives each year.

For 2018, we’re renewing our commitment to you, our community. We’re bringing you our second annual New Year’s Resolutions Guide to help you get the New Year off on the right foot (or paw, or hoof). This year, make some New Year’s resolutions that will truly make a difference for you and for the animals – start your 2018 off by lending your time, your heart, and your soles to the animals!

  1. Become fitter, healthier, and happier.

    Eat healthier, exercise more, work toward your fitness goals, and stop any unhealthy habits that can also be unhealthy for your pets. And working out doesn’t have to be a solitary task, either! Exercise with your pets by taking walks, hikes, and jogs, participating in dog or goat yoga (yes, dog or goat yoga!) or taking horse rides. Take a closer look at what’s on your plate (and in your pets’ bowls), and plan out your meals to ensure you’re eating healthy. Check out our recipes contributed from Eric O’Grey, author of Walking With Peety! 

  2. Learn something new.

    Learn pet first aid and CPR with MetroDog or HolyCowCritters and stay tuned for our second annual Career Guide, coming up in our March/April issue!

    Learn something new… like goat yoga at the Wobbly Ranch!
    Photo by Sunita Martini

  3. Live life to the fullest.

    Do something that will have a lasting impact in 2018 and beyond. Volunteer at a local nonprofit (walking the shelter dogs is a great way to get in shape, too!)

  4. Spend more time with family and friends (including your animal family members.)

    If your business isn’t dog-friendly, consider consulting Claudia Melzig with Dogs At Work, a company that specializes in helping local businesses welcome our canine companions!

  5. Spend less and save more.

    Making a budget – and sticking to it – can be difficult, but working with a financial planner can help you create a plan that helps you, both in the short and long-term.

  6. Get organized.

    Inventory what’s in your home (and shed, and barn, and garage!) and donate what you don’t need. Organize an emergency kit for yourself and for your pets, ensuring that you have two weeks’ worth of food and water for all of you. Check out our tips on emergency preparedness with pets, too!

  7. Travel more.

    Visit dog-friendly destinations, both close to Puget Sound and across the Pacific Northwest!

    Take a page from the Adventure Cats’ Book and Travel more! Photo by Jesse Smith.

  8. Read more.

    Pick up a great book about animals from a local author, such as Fetch or Walking With Peety, PCM favorite reads The Zookeeper’s Wife or The Abandoned, and read back issues of PCM online!

  9. Fall in love…with someone unexpected.

    There are so many animals in the Pacific Northwest who are searching for a temporary or permanent home! Foster or adopt an animal in need today!

Fall in love with Flower! MEOW Cat Rescue is helping her find a family.

Let us know how you’re resolving to make 2018 your best year yet!

Did you visit a pet-friendly local venue? Did you volunteer at an amazing non-profit? Did you fall in love?

Send your stories and photos to and we might include them in our upcoming issues!