In a world where mainstream media floods us daily with negative stories that are meant to scare us and images that elevate the lowest criminal element of our society, it’s a refreshing change to come across a digital platform like This local business has thrived by keeping their stories local and positive and by highlighting other local businesses. You might say they have a lot in common with us here at PCM!

The concept of ThurstonTalk started out small, as a sketch on the back of an envelope by founders Dan Jones and Martin McElliott. Five years later, it has grown to five local platforms: South Sound, Grays Harbor, Whatcom, Lewis, and the original Thurston, under the umbrella company of NorthAmericaTalk.


Amy Rowley, Editor, joined the team one year after its inception, and shared with me what makes ThurstonTalk so special. “We keep our focus very local. All of our writers and sales team members live, work and play in the communities they cover. While our publishing team gathers weekly to brainstorm and work on team projects, the majority of our daily work is remote. This is a much more flexible culture for everyone.”

Another notable team member that enjoys the flexible work environment at ThurstonTalk is Otis, Head Office Dog. Amy’s family adopted him four years ago through the Freedom Trails Program at Stafford Creek Corrections Center. Otis, who is a Catahoula Leopard dog mix, was a graduate from the program that saves shelter dogs and provides offenders with an opportunity to care for a dog before it’s adopted to a family.

“Everyone loves having Otis at the office. He is a calming influence during stressful deadlines, a terrific way to break the ice with visitors, and a natural conversation starter,” Amy explained. “I think that the benefits go both ways. He’s a happier and calmer dog when he gets to have a job. He loves spending hours looking out the window and watching the world go by.”

It makes perfect sense that a company that focuses on positive community stories would think of their dogs as an extension of their families. We’re thankful for their contribution to our community and wish them many years of continued success. For more information about ThurstonTalk, visit or email