Magnificent Maizy graces the cover of our July/August South Sound edition. Maizy’s mom stated that Maizy is a ball of energy, and has been since the day she met her at SAFE dog rescue in Startup.
“When she was presented, I squatted down so I could be at her level—she ran up to me, barreled me over flat
on my back and started licking me to death. She was so funny, yet extremely hyper—she could jump incredibly
high, and had been turned down by prospective adoptive families because of her hyper behaviors that didn’t
mesh with small children.
“Maizy is a well-travelled dog and has been to my parents in Maryland four times—2005 and 2007 for extended times while I was doing contract work and for Christmas in 2006 and 2009. My dad nicknamed her “Frog” because of her hyper jumping behavior and because he picks goofy names for his children and grandchildren. We travelled by car back to WA in the summer of 2006—I have pictures of her in front of a Piggly Wiggly in Wisconsin with a caption ‘Driving Miss Maizy.'”
Maizy has been to Yellowstone , Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills, and Canada. “During our 2006 road trip, one song was on a LOT—Funkytown, that as I was trying to keep sane, I started singing to Maizy, thus was born ‘Funky Frog.’ Maizy loves swimming and chasing her toy—she will bark at you to throw the toy and won’t stop. She loves hiking and camping—so many smells, and she loves to ride in the car. Snow is also another of her favorite things—jumping around like a gazelle, hopping from bank to bank, making a trail with her nose as she tries to ‘sniff’ the snow. She has a
captivating smile, a warm heart, and a love that I never knew I would know with an animal.”
Photos by Julie Austin Photography,