It’s hard to miss Kevin Pierre-Louis. He’s tall, handsome, and smiling broadly as he strides toward Leroy the dog. On the field, Kevin is a Seahawks linebacker and wears #58, but today he’s not wearing his jersey, which gives him a veil of temporary anonymity. As he sees Leroy, Kevin’s smile widens. Leroy is smiling, too. It’s hard to believe that a dog with a smile this infectious has been homeless for his entire life – nine years and counting – but that’s exactly why Kevin agreed to help.

Kevin and Leroy!

Kevin and Leroy!

On Tuesday, September 6, Kevin and Leroy will be featured on the Q13 Morning News and on New Day Northwest on King 5 — make sure to tune in! 

Kevin was happy to help Leroy finally find a home, even while preparing for the start of the NFL season and working toward his MBA at the University of Miami. While Leroy and Kevin make an incomparable cover model team, life hasn’t always been so glamorous for Leroy. The first year of his life is a mystery. In 2009, Leroy was found as a stray wandering in Seattle. He spent the next five years in a hoarding situation, where he was neglected and unable to play. His muscles atrophied from the lack of exercise and he developed skin infections, scarring, broken teeth, and retinal damage.

This loving boy is thought to be Washington State's longest term homeless pet.

This loving boy is thought to be Washington State’s longest term homeless pet.

In 2014, the hoarder was shut down and Seahurst, Washington-based Animal Aid and Rescue Foundation (AARF) took Leroy in. Now under AARF’s care, Leroy has begun healing, both physically and emotionally. Leroy lives at a dog boarding facility patiently waiting, but very ready, for a home of his own. He’s extremely sweet with people and you can view his big smile on his Facebook page and through Pawsitive Alliance’s #WhyNotMePets campaign. Due to the conditions he was brought up in, he needs a home without other dogs and cats. He’s active, likes chasing balls, rolling in the grass, and playing, but he’s becoming an old man without ever having had a loving family of his own.

“Just getting to meet Leroy, I can tell he’d do well in a loving home,” Kevin said. Kevin adopted his own pets, cats Cash and Carly, from Seattle Humane. “When you say that you adopted your pet, peoples’ faces light up. I love to connect with people and say, ‘Oh, you adopted, too?’”

Kevin gently patted Leroy on the head. “I have a unique opportunity to be able to give back. While I’d be helping animals even if I wasn’t a Seahawk, I have more of an influence since I’m on the team. I’m glad to help. And when you see the joy in an animal’s eyes, there’s nothing like it.”

Several people stopped to pet Leroy. “He’s available for adoption,” Kevin said. “He needs a good home.”

Pure joy.

Pure joy.

“It’s funny how everyone is going to see Leroy and no one has recognized you yet,” someone said quietly to Kevin.

“I know,” Kevin said, laughing, “and I love it.” And Leroy did, too. Perhaps now, thanks to Kevin, just the right person will notice Leroy now.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Leroy, please contact AARF at


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