Did you know that “W.O.W.” isn’t just what people say when they meet me on the street – it also stands for “WAGS Organics Wellness” Powder?  W.O.W. Powder is a proprietary blend of herbs and vegetable-derived minerals that support nerve, immune, musculoskeletal, and digestive health.

Those are a lot of long words that mean that this powder helps me look and feel amazing. Teri Reidlinger-Lamson, owner of Wags Organics, even raises many of the ingredients in her own garden. She makes sure all of her ingredients are from the very best and cleanest sources! Lots of my doggie friends have reported better muscle tone, arthritis improvement, better stamina, decrease in allergies, and better digestive health and weight management.

My mom loves that we can feel better without heading to the pharmacy. Cleaner & greener! (PS- it tastes AMAZING on my food!)

For more info on this product and other organic goodies, visit
www.wagsorganics.com and www.shop.wagsorganics.com/WOW-Powder-wags006.htm