Leroy the dog waited a decade to find love…and thanks to the support of our local community, he finally found it this spring! 

Leroy and his mom, Lise!

Could it be true? Could it finally be true?!

YES! Lovable Leroy, Washington State’s longest-term homeless pet, has finally found his first home – ever!

Animal lover Lise Eddy saw Leroy’s compelling story and thought that she’d meet the #WhyNotMePets star on April first. But there was no fooling here – she fell in love with this wonderful guy and decided that she wanted to adopt him the very next weekend! And thanks to the generous support of our community, 10-year-old Leroy has everything that he needed to start out in his new home.

Leroy had been homeless for his entire life. Thanks to the support of Mud Bay, K9 Natural, Addiction Pet Foods, Dog’s Day Out, Breezeguard, Julie Austin Photography, and generous sponsors who paid for his adoption fee, Leroy has everything that a dog needs to go home.

Leroy’s first Pet Connection Magazine cover with Kevin Pierre-Louis

As a star of Pawsitive Alliance’s #WhyNotMePets campaign, Leroy has graced two covers of Pet Connection Magazine, beside Seattle Seahawks players. Now, thanks to the support of the community, Leroy has his own kennel, beds, toys, supplements, food – and most importantly, his own special someone.

Leroy’s Pet Connection Magazine cover with the Hauschkas


The community support for Leroy was amazing!

Please join Pet Connection Magazine in congratulating Leroy, and in thanking Animal Aid and Rescue Foundation and Pawsitive Alliance for their tireless dedication to this beautiful boy, and Q13 Fox and Joe TV Seattle for sharing his story, and the community that came together to provide Leroy everything that he needed.

Congratulations, Lise and Leroy. This is the furry tail ending that we’ve been waiting to write for so very long – and how sweet it is!